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Artwork by Simona Loh

About the Artist

      A second-generation artist, Simona Loh has been drawing and painting since childhood, and she has learned to rely on her own talent and an inner sense for nature to produce stunning artwork that is full of life. Initially, her pets and horses inspired her to draw, and she still enjoys these subjects today.

      While living in Central Florida for 20 years, she developed a love for the area's beautifully intertwined ecosystems and wildlife, and seeks to promote their protection through her art. In addition, her use of innovative media such as etchings and sea-grape leaves provides a unique representation of many of her favourite natural subjects.

      Simona is a member of the local Kunstlerkreis (Artist's Group) in Germany, and her artworks have won awards in Orlando area art exhibitions. Her art was also recently featured in the newspaper in Nierstein, Germany.

      You are invited to review some of the artist's graphite, watercolor and etched renderings, and we hope you enjoy them. Her specialties include natural landscapes, vibrant and realistic wildlifes, and portraits of her furry friends.
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Mixed Media
Florida Resident
Mixed Media
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Ink Stippling
The artist is available for commissioned paintings by appointment. To purchase a painting or a print, you can send an e-mail to: simonawolfskehlen@gmail.com. Prints are available on Etsy. All works: Copyright © Simona Loh.